Capability Assessment for Response to COVID-19

with a specific focus on the COVID-19 response we have designed a scalable and modular hospital structure where every room is an Isolation Room.


Spill Berms and Bladder Tanks

Tarp Innovator’s products are the perfect solution for many secondary and primary containment applications. Our spill berms and bladder tanks are used for water, fuel and chemical storage or containment. We pride ourselves on bringing top-quality products to market using our 60+ years of experience in the industry. We provide Secondary Spill Containment Berms, Fuel and Water Bladder Tanks, Water Catchment and Purification Systems, and a wide array of standard and custom Structure Covers.

Spill Containment

Our extensive product catalog includes several types of secondary spill containment from the traditional "L"-bracket berms, foam-wall berms, folding mini berms, rising-collar drive-thru berms, and earthen berm liners to new designs including our Express "A"-frame berm. Our pillow-style bladder tanks serve all military, commercial and residential applications from fuel and chemical to rainwater catchment to potable water storage. Our versatility and expertise is the key to making the right selection for your application.

As with any innovative concept, customization and adaptability is essential. While our product catalog highlights our standard product sets, we welcome custom requests to make sure your solution meets your exact requirements. Continuous improvement and evolution is a hallmark of our strategy and operations. From developing custom fabrics, not just products, for specific customer applications, we've saved our customers millions of dollars in labor expenses and regulatory fines. Furthermore, with a keen eye on the environmental impacts of our industry and the industries we serve, we continue to invest in "green" solutions to push the industry toward cleaner and recyclable or resusable raw materials.

About Us

Unparalleled Customer Service

While our manufacturing facility is located in Poulsbo, Washington, U.S.A, we embrace the fact our products and services go to work all across the globe: North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. We've deployed personnel from Poland to Peru and from Montana to New Mexico to ensure the best possible results for our customers--a testament that our customers are always priority #1!

Made in the U.S.A.!

Supporting our local and national economy is a trademark of our value system. All our products are manufactured in the United States and our supply chains are almost exclusively compliant with the Buy America Act and the Berry Amendment.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Innovative manufacturing isn't possible without proficiency in the fundamental and latest state-of-the-art capabilities. We pride ourselves in our mastery of these capabilities:
Dielectric Welding
Hot Air/Hot Wedge Welding
CAD-automated plotting and cutting

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